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Small Businesses

Are you a small food-based business that would like to be part of the seed-to-plate movement? Imagine a garden that highlights your ingredients and provides a beautiful setting for your customers to enjoy your products.

We can work together to design a garden or revitalize a past garden that will:

  • Reflect and connect your products to the plants growing in your garden

  • Create a lovely space in which to enjoy your delicious menu items or products

  • Grow ingredients for your recipes

  • Provide materials for cooking and art classes that can increase customer interest in your products

A garden would enhance your cafe, coffee shop, brewery, tasting room, tea, herb, and confection shops, health food store, or other small business. 


Food and flower harvests for your business

Even small gardens can provide bouquets for your restaurant, food and materials for your classes, and ingredients for your menu items. We can help you with your outreach and education needs by creating outreach materials and offering classes and workshops.

A beautiful dining area

Growing plants can provide peaceful surroundings, clean air, and an extra attraction for customers.

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