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I believe strongly in the healing power of gardens. They provide healthy food, functional beauty, healing spaces, and connection, and allow for transformation of people of all ages and backgrounds.

That is why I have dedicated the past 20 years to designing, creating, and managing a variety of gardens and garden programs, including school, community, production, and education gardens. While coordinating and managing these garden programs,  I have strengthened a broad range of skills such as:

  • Garden and food systems design

  • Extensive knowledge of edible plants including fruits, nuts, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and native plants

  • Program planning and project management

  • Organizing and conducting workshops and trainings​

  • Curriculum and outreach material development

  • Teaching and coaching

  • Coordinating volunteer and internship programs

  • Partnership-building, collaborative leadership, and organizing consultation meetings

  • Budget and funding management

  • Data collection and evaluation

I hold a bachelors degree in Biology and Ecology and a masters degree in Public Health, and have permaculture and master gardener certifications.

I am extremely organized, focused, detail oriented, enjoy working with people and have come to understand how important patience, good listening, encouragement, and flexibility are in building trust and openness and in guiding individuals and groups through the creative planning process.

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